Defending Employment Law Cases

Are you being sued?

Have you recently received a claim by a former or current employee? It could be a claim of harassment from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, a charge of discrimination from the EEOC, a notice from the Labor Commissioner, a threatening letter from an attorney. Or an actual lawsuit filed in Superior Court.

While any of these claims can be damaging, if you hire the right attorneys, you can protect your company and quickly and efficiently end the case so you can get back to running your business.

Before you respond to any legal claim, contact De Castro & Morrow first. We will fully evaluate the claim and conduct a thorough interview to evaluate the merits of the case. We will also listen carefully to your concerns and take into account your goals.

Based on our more than 40 years of combined knowledge and experience, we will then provide you with a clear analysis of the case and our recommendations for the best course of action.

If the case must be fought, we have the skills and resources to win at trial. Our firm has litigated many cases in front of judges, juries and arbitrators and has an excellent track record of success.

Or, if the case is one that should settle, De Castro & Morrow will make every effort to resolve the case early. The attorneys at De Castro & Morrow have been formally trained in negotiation techniques and strategies and will put those skills to use for you. Because our opponents know that we have the experience to win at trial, we can achieve excellent settlement results for our clients.

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