15 Oct 2013
October 15, 2013

New Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence

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Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a law that will make it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees who are victims of domestic violence or those who are experiencing stalking or sexual assault. Under the law, employers cannot terminate or discriminate against an employee because he or she has been a victim. The employer will.. read more →

20 Sep 2013
September 20, 2013

Protect Yourself And Your Business …

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Protect Yourself and Your Business By Means Of A Comprehensive Employment Practices Review      In light of initiatives by both the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to aggressively investigate and enforce wage and hour laws, employers must take proactive steps to ensure their policies and practices.. read more →

15 Jan 2013
January 15, 2013

New Employment Laws for 2013

January 15, 2013 0 Comment

The California legislature is always busy making new laws. And making laws that impact employers seems to be a favorite. Here is a rundown of several new laws that affect employers for 2013. 1. Social Media Access California employers are now forbidden from requiring or requesting current employees or applicants to (a) reveal their username.. read more →

26 Oct 2012
October 26, 2012

New Social Media Law for Employers

October 26, 2012 0 Comment

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that will prevent employers from obtaining passwords for social media accounts and e-mail accounts. The law will become effective January 1, 2013. California Assembly Bill 1844 prohibits employers from demanding user names and passwords from employees and job applicants. There are a few exceptions: Employers can ask an.. read more →

13 Sep 2012
September 13, 2012

Can an employee stop you from firing them?

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In a routine layoff when a company needs to downsize, one would think that the employer has complete control over when and if the layoff occurs. But savvy employees are using some creative methods to keep themselves employed. If an employee thinks that a layoff is imminent, he or she may complain to management about.. read more →